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Special Offers

Natural Berber Oakdale 4 Colours 100% £11.99 Sq. yd./£14.34 Sq. m.

100% Polypropylene Heather Look 4 Colours, Lifetime Stain Warranty, 10 year wear Guarantee £13.99 Sq. Yd./£16.73 Sq. m.
Remaining colours to order £14.99 Sq. yd./£17.93 Sq. m.

Grand slam 100% Polypropylene, 100oz, beige fleck colour, 10 year wear & Stain Guarantee £17.99 Sq. yd./£21.52 Sq. m.
Remaining colours to order £18.99 Sq. yd./£22.72 Sq. m.

Wilton Royal Monmouth Twist, 80% wool, 50oz, moleskin colour £15.99 Sq. yd./£19.12 Sq. m
12 remaining colours to order £16.99 Sq. yd./£20.33 Sq. m.

1 Roll York Twist, Victory Tan colour, £11.99 Sq. yd./£14.35 Sq. m.

Stain Free Tweed, 4 Colours, 10 year Wear & Lifetime Stain Guarantee £13.99 Sq. yd./£16.73 Sq. m
Remaining colours to order £14.99 Sq. Yd./£17.93 Sq. m.

Thick Blue Pile 100% Polypropylene £9.99 Sq. Yd./£11.95 Sq. m.

Simple Stunning Platinum £10.99 Sq. yd./£13.15 Sq. m